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GL Group successfully manages the complexity of the IT market offering high quality and reliable services to its international customers.

GL Group Products, Orbit 4BC


ORBIT4BC® is the last release of our product, a software solution for BCM, leader in the Italian market, in the field of finance. ORBIT4BC® is a suite of independent and integrated modules that perform specific functions to fully support a BCMS program.

GL Group Products, MIR3


MIR3 is a Mass Notification System by MIR3 American company (leader in the field of Intelligent Notification) distributed by Orbit Italy, the only Italian company who can offer pre and post-sale technical support.

GL Group Products, Kinisì


Kynisì is an innovative service for Public and Private Administrations. It manages the data of Economic Operators (EOs) subscribed and/or  to be subscribed to the Supplier List, in order to acquire information needed to verify the supplier’s qualitative and reputational status.

GL Group Products, WeBadge

WEBADGE (Research & Development)

The solution for real-time management and monitoring of company staff attendance. It allows collecting staff entry / exit data, inserting and managing absenteeism, overtime, and availability.

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. (Research & Development)

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. is a “modular” software created for the correct evaluation of the Anti-Corruption Process, through a deep analysis of processes, assets, and third-party business.

GL Group Products, Intellia

INTELLIA (Research & Development)

It is a software designed for the management of “alert” and “threat” information, which combines the features of “collection”, “analysis” of data, “communication” and “alert”, to high operational capabilities of crisis management and  business continuity.


WeBadge is a solution for the management and real-time monitoring of the presences of the company’s staff. It allows the collection of data entry / exit of personnel, the insertion and the management of the absences, the overtime and interventions in availability.


WeBadge is ideal for companies with personnel located in different headquarters, for the management of the orders, of the business trips or on-site support. It ensures a considerable minimization in time and cost for the management of the personnel, the final accounting and the preparation of business statistics.


Thanks to Cloud technology, it does not require any additional cabling, server or software. This reduces the costs related to the hardware. WeBadge has been developed with a simple, intuitive interface, accessible through the browser on any modern device, desktop and mobile (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

GL Group Webadge


The strenghts of WeBadge:

  • Archive and complete management of data related to employees and to customers, in a single application;
  • Management of the orders and of the headquarters;
  • Real-time monitoring of the presence / absence of staff;
  • Monthly reports for each employee;
  • Customizable on business needs.