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Service Desk


A Service Desk is an interface between a company and its customers or employees. It ensures that proper analysis, production or distribution of data happens in a proper manner. The service desk is structured in such a way as to optimize services and increase customer satisfaction.


The main tasks that are handled by Service Desks are incidents and requests. An incident is the occurrence of an event which may cause a disruption in service quality. A Service Desk strives to minimize the impact to the business flow due to service failures. It also helps in facilitating the effective and efficient communication between various users. It helps the users to get the appropriate help in a timely way.

If, through the use of traditional communication channels, requests sent by the customer were arbitrarily addressed to the recipients, decided by the customer himself, the Service Desk now allows automatic sorting of ticket requests – based on the functional analyzes upstream of application development.
System implementation has been developed by analyzing internal processes systematically in order to allow more structured communication and enable automatic cataloging of the specific service requests.


The Service Desk can operate on different levels, such as Network operations, Systems operations and database operations. They also help with security management. With an effective Service Desk, a company will be able to improve customers and employees satisfaction levels.
From the client’s point of view, the introduction of a structured communication tool, capable of tracing all phases of the service delivery process in a unique and timely manner, allows the customer to have a complete view of the service offered and to check in every time that the quality of service is guaranteed.

GL Group, Service Desk
GL Group, Service Desk

The customer can monitor the progress of their tickets in real time (order tracking) and can promptly call upon the service provider in case of special circumstances. For example, the customer may push the operator for a request, after a certain number of days from the date of dispatch.

On the other hand, the company can perform a more effective monitoring of the internal performance, having control over the entire ticket evasion cycle. For example, the General Accounting Officer can identify any chokepoint in the event of disruption, or understand unequivocally customer complaints, information that could previously have only the operator. Thanks to the introduction of the Service Desk, the activities are all traced within the system and communication between the subjects is channeled into a single transparent information tool.
Service Desks generally have high volumes of interactions with customers. Besides Service Desks, call centers and Help Desks are also used for users or customers support.