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GL Group successfully manages the complexity of the IT market offering high quality and reliable services to its international customers.

GL Group Products, Orbit 4BC


ORBIT4BC® is the last release of our product, a software solution for BCM, leader in the Italian market, in the field of finance. ORBIT4BC® is a suite of independent and integrated modules that perform specific functions to fully support a BCMS program.

GL Group Products, MIR3


MIR3 is a Mass Notification System by MIR3 American company (leader in the field of Intelligent Notification) distributed by Orbit Italy, the only Italian company who can offer pre and post-sale technical support

GL Group Products, Kinisì


Kynisì is an innovative service for Public and Private Administrations. It manages the data of Economic Operators (EOs) subscribed and/or  to be subscribed to the Supplier List, in order to acquire information needed to verify the supplier’s qualitative and reputational status.

GL Group Products, WeBadge

WEBADGE (Research & Development)

The solution for real-time management and monitoring of company staff attendance. It allows collecting staff entry / exit data, inserting and managing absenteeism, overtime, and availability.

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. (Research & Development)

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. is a “modular” software created for the correct evaluation of the Anti-Corruption Process, through a deep analysis of processes, assets, and third-party business.

GL Group Products, Intellia

INTELLIA (Research & Development)

It is a software designed for the management of “alert” and “threat” information, which combines the features of “collection”, “analysis” of data, “communication” and “alert”, to high operational capabilities of crisis management and  business continuity.


ORBIT4BC® is the last release of our product, a software solution for BCM, leader in the Italian market, in the field of finance. ORBIT4BC® is a suite of independent and integrated modules that perform specific functions to fully support a BCMS program.

The objective of the evolution of the product (one of the richest tools in term of functionalities), was to create a new and innovative way to search data, to navigate among the various phases of the BCM process and retrieve data just starting from an entry point and then collect all other attributes.

The rewriting work was focused on the creation of an user-friendly interface with the support of UX designers, experts in the business continuity process and constant customer feedbacks.

GL Group Orbit 4BC

The main innovations that make our product new and exciting are:

  1. The review of navigation system through the possibility of simple, advanced and graphical search of data in ORBIT4BC® and also the option of navigating among the uploaded entities, through their correlations (e.g., all critical processes of a particular legal entity related to a specific site and all the emergency solutions related to the unavailability of that specific site).
    The user is free in the search and guided in it. This allows to have key information quickly available. This feature is essential to get the BC managers able to make the most correct decisions.
  2. The possibility to create and implement Business Impact Analysis and emergency solutions, by filling out some standard questionnaires centrally configured by the BC manager. The user is guided in the filling of the various sections (e.g. “Impacts”, “RTO”, “Backlog”, “Sites”, “Applications” etc., for the BIA or “Solutions details”, “Procedures”, “Backup Team”, etc.), for the emergency solutions.
    For each process a progress report is available for helping the user to check the consolidated sections, and to work the empty ones.
  3. The possibility to plan, execute and consolidate the tests, in a simple, effective and complete way, thanks to an intuitive interface (for both the process owners and for the managers who have to validate and administrate).
  4. The ease of entering and updating of the enormous amount of data that must be inserted to obtain a holistic business view and to meet the requirements of international BC standards. This innovation is important:

    – to empower the business process owners. They enter the data effectively and then the BC managers work on validation and approval;
    – to make the Business Continuity professionals always aware of all the main organization’s changes, as a dismantling of a site, a termination of a contract, HR change, etc;

  5. The possibility to ensure an efficient communication, during incidents/crisis and day-to-day operations, by sending SMS, e-mail, calls and text to speech easily with few clicks, thanks to ORBIT4BC®’s interface with mass notification systems. Through the innovative Orbit4BC® user-friendly interface the user quickly chooses the recipients, the text and methods of communication.
  6. The creation of a Mobile App, to allow the Business Continuity Team to have all data always on the finger: updated and handy;
  7. A new customized Homepage, in which every user can choice the most useful widgets for his/her area of management;
  8. A detailed online guide for users, accessible with F1 command (contextual help).


ORBIT4BC® has been developed, configured and constantly evolved keeping in mind the international standards as BS25999, ISO2230, the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and many other international standards and best practices.
Nowadays Orbit4BC® is the BCM Solution for a large part of Italian banks, for the main National Insurance Groups, for International Transport Companies, for Public Administration, Private Health Service.
In the face of a disaster, true business success relies on more than recovery. It relies on a comprehensive view of business continuity, a new way of managing it.


Normally, the Business Continuity is managed by a central core of managers because it is difficult to decentralize the work on the heads of the various business units, often not sufficiently trained to cover certain tasks.
By facilitating the access and the use of data, we believe we have contributed to the growth in the use of business continuity innovative tools within companies.

Our Business Continuity Management System combines the speed, the adaptability and cost efficiency; thus, the companies will be able to cope with a crisis by identifying and responding to threats, building resilience and protecting data. The focus is on a new way to manage the crisis. The company is not simply prepared to recover from an incident but also to improve its resilience.



Orbit4BC® is configured under customer requirements and this makes possible to predict and test a wide range of verifiable disasters thanks to the experiences and needs of many customers who have made the innovative tool versatile, complete and universal.