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Using a flexible bid model, designed to evolve and adapt to new markets and new technology trends, GL Group is able to successfully deal with the complexity of IT projects and respond to the most various needs of Customers.

GL Group Products, Orbit 4BC


ORBIT4BC® is the last release of our product, a software solution for BCM, leader in the Italian market, in the field of finance. ORBIT4BC® is a suite of independent and integrated modules that perform specific functions to fully support a BCMS program.

GL Group Products, MIR3


MIR3 is a Mass Notification System by MIR3 American company (leader in the field of Intelligent Notification) distributed by Orbit Italy, the only Italian company who can offer pre and post-sale technical support.

GL Group Products, Kinisì


Kynisì is an innovative service for Public and Private Administrations. It manages the data of Economic Operators (EOs) subscribed and/or  to be subscribed to the Supplier List, in order to acquire information needed to verify the supplier’s qualitative and reputational status.

GL Group Products, WeBadge

WEBADGE (Research & Development)

The solution for real-time management and monitoring of company staff attendance. It allows collecting staff entry / exit data, inserting and managing absenteeism, overtime, and availability

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. (Research & Development)

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. is a “modular” software created for the correct evaluation of the Anti-Corruption Process, through a deep analysis of processes, assets, and third-party business.

GL Group Products, Intellia

INTELLIA (Research & Development)

It is a software designed for the management of “alert” and “threat” information, which combines the features of “collection”, “analysis” of data, “communication” and “alert”, to high operational capabilities of crisis management and  business continuity.


MIR3 is a Mass Notification System by MIR3 American company (leader in the field of Intelligent Notification) distributed by Orbit Italy, the only italian company who can offer pre and post-sale technical support.


Small companies, multinational corporations, government agencies and international institutions use this technology to quickly reach any number of people, anywhere in the world. This improves the handling of emergencies, saving lives and property and reducing downtime, to recover in a short efficiency throughout the company.


The tool allows to send email, sms and voice alert from a contact list of recipients, to receive feedback from the people contacted and create “call bridges” in real time.

GL Group MIR3

MIR3 has an internal geolocation system (GIS) that, through the consultation of graphical maps, makes it possible to know in real time the position of notification recipients. The recipients receive, create and manage their alerts at anytime through the Mobile version, available for all the latest smartphones and tablets (iOS / Android). The quality and reliability of service are guaranteed by a redundant infrastructure through 9 Datacenter around the world.


All interactions with the Intelligent Notification platform are using the latest security technology to ensure the security of private information, at all levels.


Intelligent Notification technology is designed to make it easy for users designated sending time-sensitive communications to departmental groups, task forces, customers, suppliers or anyone else, on the basis of pre-defined security accesses,  to improve internal communication during the periods of interruption.