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Look deeply. Choose better.


Using a flexible bid model, designed to evolve and adapt to new markets and new technology trends, GL GROUP S.p.A. is able to successfully deal with the complexity of IT projects and respond to the most various needs of Customers.

GL Group Products, Orbit 4BC


ORBIT4BC® is the last release of our product, a software solution for BCM, leader in the Italian market, in the field of finance. ORBIT4BC® is a suite of independent and integrated modules that perform specific functions to fully support a BCMS program.

GL Group Products, MIR3


MIR3 is a Mass Notification System by MIR3 American company (leader in the field of Intelligent Notification) distributed by Orbit Italy, the only Italian company who can offer pre and post-sale technical support.

GL Group Products, Kinisì


Kynisì is an innovative service for Public and Private Administrations. It manages the data of Economic Operators (EOs) subscribed and/or  to be subscribed to the Supplier List, in order to acquire information needed to verify the supplier’s qualitative and reputational status.

GL Group Products, WeBadge

WEBADGE (Research & Development)

The solution for real-time management and monitoring of company staff attendance. It allows collecting staff entry / exit data, inserting and managing absenteeism, overtime, and availability.

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. (Research & Development)

E.D.O.A.R.D.O. is a “modular” software created for the correct evaluation of the Anti-Corruption Process, through a deep analysis of processes, assets, and third-party business.


Kynisì is the first software able to manage and control the consistency, reliability and solvency of any company supplier. Developed for a great television Italian player, it is the ideal solution for all companies and professionals who wish to check and test the strength of their suppliers.

GL Group Kinisì


The system operates an in-depth analysis on different levels simultaneously:

  • the verification of the possession of the general requirements, effected through the automatic acquisition of the verification of the documents requested by Article 80;
  • the analysis and monitoring of the company structure, by checking the corporate structure of the Economic Operator (OE) and identifying the “interesting subjects” related to OE, through the identification of the entire company structure, the ownership chain, its subsidiaries and associated companies, the presence of licensed and not licensed trust companies in the ownership chain and the beneficial owners / end-owners / effective owners;
  • the monitoring of the presence of “sensitive subjects” (partners, representatives, effective and beneficial owners) related to OE in reference lists; Anti-Money Laundering List, Italian Local Politics list, lists of Persons Politically Exposed (PEP), the Sanction Lists (terrorists lists) and feedback on the European and US terrorism and money laundering laws;
  • the acquisition service of commercial information, written in the form of informative reports, bearing different levels of detailed information on legal entities (companies and stable consortia).


Since the report is made to support the Procurement and not sales acitivities, the main objective, in both cases, is to determine supplier reliability and risks about carry out activities requested by the customer.