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About Us


Founded in 1988, GL Group is as a system integrator, with specific expertise in the Host world. Over the years, adapting to markets and to technological trends, the company has created a business unit dedicated to networking technologies that through the acquisition of prestige skills, becomes the true “core” technological of GL Group.

In 2011 GL Group acquired ORBIT Italy Srl, a consultancy company leader in the fields of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Risks and Resilience in the italian market. This acquisition allows to extend the offer of services and products with innovative tools for Risk Assessment and Business Continuity Management.


Nowadays, Orbit® is the BCMS solution for the 80% of Italian bank branches, for the main National insurance groups, International transport companies, Public Administration, private health service and for great Utilities and Energy brands.


By using a flexible supply model, designed to constantly evolve and adapt to new markets and new technological trends, GL GROUP is able to successfully deal with the complexity of IT projects and meet different customers needs.


In a young and dynamic environment that encourages the spirit of innovation and the teamwork, the company strength and success are based on professionalism, expertise, know-how and on the value of its human capital, main strategic and competitive asset.


Today 200 professionals work for GL Group, in the Rome and Milan offices with the objective to offer our customers the best tools to grow and develop efficiency and quality.


• the application expertise and ability to understand the customers processes and the operating schemes, in order to anticipate needs, to contribute to targets achievement and to build a genuine strategic partnership.
• The technical and technological excellence thanks to a constant commitment to develop and select the best products for the most suitable and innovative solutions.
• The organizational skills to manage articulate responsibilities in order to manage complex and even long-term projects, by ensuring safe and reliable answers.
• The constant try to improve our performance, develop our business and offer our competences, by showing a progressive growth in terms of turnover and market penetration.

GL Group, About Us


The Service Desk services are based on a perfect “mix” of technical expertise, problem solving and professionalism proper of a professional contact center: courtesy, clarity, assertiveness, patience.


Core skill of the company, the system management activities are ensured both by the supply of qualified and certified resources, on the most widely known systems (Microsoft, Unix, Linux …) and by the creation of systemic groups for support, composed by professionals able to take charge of large data centers and to ensure the highest operational continuity.

• Specialist Support for Operating Systems Management
• VMWare Support Specialist
• Systemic Supervising Data Center


For the design and development of SW, a constant upgrading on products and on last technologies, is the only way to achieve the best results.

• Test Plant Management
• 186 Smart Client


Managing the organizational and business components of a project is a key element for success in consolidation and rationalization of measures imposed by corporate strategies. For this reason, the GL Group supports the customer management in the organisation design and in the governance, following business strategies. The experience gained over the years has allowed GL Group to create Intelligence and Knowledge Management environments.


Activity consolidated over time, the managing of NOC monitoring services, through the use of specialized resources in all market technologies, has allowed GL Group to meet customers needs, in particular for the economic containment of H24 services costs, without any lost of professional level.



Lanfranco Leandri is associate and Honorary Chairman of GL Group. Thanks to his know-how, with its courteous manners, Lanfranco can grasp the most concrete aspects of business processes, without ever neglecting the human component of relationships.


Honorary Chairman

Stefano Leandri is associate and Chairman of GL Group. Stefano is an extroverted and customer-focused sales leader with a natural ability for building new business and forging loyalty with clients, vendors and external business partners.


Leandri jr

Emanuel Leandri is associate, CEO and HR Director of GL Group. His empathic abilities and his sunny disposition make him able to recognize and anticipate the needs of its collaborators to achieve the best, in terms of business goals. Experienced and efficient in labour relationships, in these last years of crisis, Emanuel has succeeded to maintain the personnel united and cohesive.


Chief Executive Officer

Fabio Benvenuti is accountant, auditor and CFO of GL Group. Fabio is a dynamic and pragmatic person, who does not like to follow usual patterns of behavior. Through these skills and abilities he always ensures a strong added value.


Chief Financial Officer

Stefano Marchesini is the Operation Manager of GL Group. He is responsible for coordinating and optimizing all the Company's operational and project activities. His function is focused on consolidating business skills with the aim of achieving Customer Satisfaction.


Chief Operations Officer

Consuelo Filice is the Sales Manager of GL Group. She manages the entire Customer Network and the alliances with strategic partners. Her team spirit and her communication ability make the constant growth of business results possible.


Chief Sales Officer
Stefano Franco – GL Group

Stefano Franco is the Chief Information Officer at GL Group and is responsible for the Research and Development department. Stefano leads the information systems strategy with a strong focus on business processes. His main objective is to ensure that tech systems and procedures deliver outcomes that support the goals of the company.


Chief Information Officer