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About Us


Founded in 1988, GL Group is a system integrator leader in IT consulting, software development, Business Continuity Management, Intelligence, and Data Quality. With more than 30 years experience GL Group represents the quality and reliable partner for all IT projects.

GL Group’s consultants have extensive experience in managing informative system, data center, database administration, software analysis and development. GL Group is formed by a highly qualified team, constantly updated and able to meet all customer needs.

In a dynamic and innovative environment, GL Group bases its strength and success on its professionalism, expertise, and human capital considered an invaluable competitive advantage. GL Group operates with more than 150 professionals working on different sites throughout the country.


Founded in 2000 and acquired in 2011 by GL Group S.p.A., Orbit Italy is a BC consulting firm IT service provider, and software development leader. Our team of highly skilled and certified experts has extensive experience in business continuity, disaster recovery, and risk assessment process management.

Among the projects aimed at innovation, GL Group integrated personnel training, as well as research and development into its capital spending. GL Group is able to face successfully the complexity of IT projects by adapting to new markets and technological trends.


GL Group’s solutions are currently employed by the major Italian banking groups, the main national Insurance companies, international transport corporations, Public Administration, private healthcare providers, and the most important energy and utilities suppliers.

GL Group, About Us



Lanfranco Leandri is associate and Honorary Chairman of GL Group. Thanks to his know-how, with its courteous manners, Lanfranco can grasp the most concrete aspects of business processes, without ever neglecting the human component of relationships.


Honorary Chairman

Stefano Leandri is associate and Chairman of GL Group. Stefano is an extroverted and customer-focused sales leader with a natural ability for building new business and forging loyalty with clients, vendors and external business partners.


Leandri jr

GL Group Associate and Chief Executive Officer, Emanuel Leandri, has all the traits and qualities to implement outstanding business solutions. Experienced and efficient in labour relationships, in these last years of economic crisis, Emanuel succeeded in maintaining the personnel united and cohesive.


Chief Executive Officer

Fabio Benvenuti is the Chief Financial Officer, accountant, and auditor of GL Group. His dynamic and pragmatic attitude make him able to draw up careful financial strategies always aiming at improving company’s performance.


Chief Financial Officer