GL Group

GL Group is a holding company operating in Italy and worldwide in the fields of Business
Continuity Management, e-Procurement, Cyber ​​Protection, Cyber ​​Security, Cyber ​​Resilience
and the Internet of Things.

GL Group S.p.A. was founded in 1988 as a System Integrator organized in business units.Thanks to its structure the company has grown quickly, by adapting itself to the development of the market and to the technological trends, with an offer of services for large businesses in the domestic and international industrial areas of Telco, Finance, Utilities and Public Administration.

The growth in strategic fields, has allowed Gl Group to acquire companies and excellent partners such as ORBIT Italy, main leader in Business Continuity Management that joined the group in 2011.

The attention to the world of universities, in particular to the new ideas and projects, has led GL Group to growth even as incubator, by investing resources and capitals for the development and launch of innovative projects and start-ups. A specific attention is for young people and ideas that will be the products of tomorrow.

In a young and dynamic environment that encourages the spirit of innovation and teamwork, the company strengths and success are based on professionalism, expertise, know-how and on the value of its human capital, main strategic and competitive asset.

Today GL Group is strong thanks to its expertise and to the uniqueness of its offer.


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